Allstate Insurance Legal Battles

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Cheap Insurance for Young DriversThe very famous insurance company, Allstate Insurance is continuing its legal battles against more than one hundred defendants from the New York City area. These legal battles in the court of law are filed in order for the company to regain almost fourteen million dollars from the defendants due to insurance fraud charges.

This is considered the 4th lawsuit of its kind in this year. This lawsuit is being filed under the RICO Act and the basic principles of the traditional law. Allstate Insurance accuses these defendants that they have been a part of schemes that intended to commit insurance fraud, as they presented misleading and fraudulent bills to the insurance company. These bills were presented to the company for medical equipment, supplies and devices. Allstate Insurance has specifically mentioned forty nine medical retail firms and forty one persons who claimed to have 1 or more of this equipment.

Based on the Insurance Information center, NYC is suffering from a wave of insurance fraud. It also stated that the no fault fraud is causing the residents of New York to pay millions and millions of their money every year for higher premiums, which is a direct result of the increase of insurance fraud law suits and cases. Commenting on this, the spokesperson of the insurance company Krista Conte, stated that the residents of New York are paying for what can be called, “fraud tax”. As they are paying more money due to insurance fraud claims, this is why we need legislators who can put the insurance law in its right form to prioritize the citizens of the state.

Back to the main topic, the lawsuit, as the insurance company stated that the medial equipment retailers have presented and submitted false and misleading bills. This is a direct accusation of fraud to these retailers form Allstate Insurance. The insurance company is being supported and backed by many insurers and a lot of the leaders of NYC in order to make the corrections that need to be done to the no fault law system, as the current no fault system is being used for fraud and is being in fact exploited. As a result of this, the honest citizens are the ones who are paying the price for such crime. This is why Allstate Company needs the help of all of the legislators and city leaders, because without such help and support, the fraud crimes will only continue to happen and increase, this is why all must unite in order to make things right and do the corrections needed to the no fraud law system.