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Keep New Drivers on Parent’s Car Insurance Policy

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Car insurance is one of the most expensive costs a family can incur. When it comes time for a child to being driving, many parents worry about the increase in monthly expenses it will cause. Even without purchasing a new car for the driver, car insurance alone can be a couple hundred dollars a month.

There are a few different reasons that young driver insurance is so expensive. First, many insurance companies base their costs off of driving experience. When it comes to new drivers the insurance companies like to think in worst case scenario. Unfortunately, young drivers are statistically one of the worst groups when it comes to speeding and auto accidents.

It is important that young drivers go to safe driving classes as well as driver’s education to receive lower rates. It is also wise to keep them on their parent’s policy instead of trying to open a new one as it will likely be the less expensive option.


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Young Driver Discounts

Young Driver

Getting a discount for a young driver, or a new driver can be a difficult task. Keep in mind that as the years go on, a clean driving record will continue to lower costs. Some insurance companies have specific policies focused on young drivers and may even offer some young driver discounts.

A new and growing trend is to offer discounts to young drivers who are doing well in school. The insurance companies view the good grades as a positive sign pointing towards responsibility. Many companies require the student to maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher in order to qualify for this program.

Another way to get young driver costs lowered is by taking driving classes in addition to the normal driving education class. In some states no classes are required for teens to get their license, and in this case any class taken will be a positive step towards lowering costs.


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Teen Drivers, Driver’s Education Class for Insurance

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Teen drivers who are unable to be added to a parents pre-existing insurance policy may have a hard time finding insurance coverage. Many insurance companies charge a large amount of money for new driver policies.

While all teen drivers are recommended to take a driver’s education class, it is not required in all states. This is an easy way to help lower a young driver auto insurance premium. In addition to the initial driver’s education course, there are other courses that are available. Some of these courses include defensive driving, driving in poor weather and safe driving.

Many of the people who take these courses are working towards getting points off of their license. Auto insurance companies take these courses into consideration when quoting auto insurance policies. There are many insurance companies that offer a deduction in policy premiums as time goes on for good driving. This is why it is important for new drivers to remain diligent throughout the first years of driving.


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Young Drivers are Surprised by High Cost of Insurance

young driver

Young drivers are now facing some tougher laws and stricter penalties when it comes to driving. Insurance rates are much higher than in previous years and new drivers that are now having to find their own car insurance are running into some high rates.

To find the best rates for young drivers, using a insurance quote comparison tool can help. This type of tool will give the best rates in your local area and be able to help you find the best coverage for your particular need.

If you are driving a new car then you will need full coverage insurance. Depending on the year and make of the vehicle, this type of insurance can be very costly. Many young drivers are surprised to find out that full coverage car insurance can cost more than the monthly payment for the car itself.

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