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Cheap Health Insurance for Young Drivers

cheap health insurance for young driversIf your child is planning an out of state trip, you may want to check if your health insurance will cover them while they are away.  Some health insurance policies do not cover medical expenses incurred while outside the home state.  This could pose a serious problem if your child becomes sick or is injured while on their road trip.

Not everyone is aware that their health insurance might not cover expenses out of state.  Most understand that travel outside of the United States is not covered without world health insurance or travel insurance, but it just doesn’t occur to everyone that even stateside insurance doesn’t always transfer.

Double check your health insurance policy before you let your young driver go across the country.  If you find out that your health insurance does not cover out of state expenses, then pick up some travel insurance for them.  Travel insurance is normally for a short term trip and will cover those expenses not covered by your regular health insurance.

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Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers and the Elderly

cheap insurance for young driversThe most expensive age groups to insure when it comes to driving is young drivers and the elderly. Young drivers often have higher rates because of their inexperience driving and the perception that teenagers are irresponsible. There are very few discounts to get into young drivers until they create some sort of driving history.

One of a few ways they can save money on car insurance is by being a part of their parents policy. Many insurance companies will allow the discounts that parents have earned to reflect the cost of their child’s insurance rates.

In addition to that there is a good student discount also offered by a variety of insurance companies. This discount can be given to students in high school or college let received above a certain grade point average or are in the top 25% of their class. While the rates might not drop drastically there will be a decrease and any money saved is positive.

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Teen Drivers Insurance Premiums

Insurance for Young Adults

Auto insurance is a big expense for families, especially ones with young drivers. One of the main reasons that teen driving insurance premiums are so high is because they are largely based on driving history. Since teen drivers are new to driving altogether, they are likely to have some of the highest premiums around.

There are a couple of ways that parents can make their children’s auto insurance more affordable. One of the easiest ways is by maintaining their own driving records. Parents with fewer tickets and insurance claims will directly see a lower premium for adding teen drivers. This is only when parents are adding the teen driver to an already existing insurance policy.

Many insurance companies offer discounts towards young driver’s new insurance based on the parents driving history. Another discount often offered by insurance companies is one for teen drivers who take additional driving school lessons. These classes are relatively cheap and the savings will make up for the cost.


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Geico Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Geico auto insurance for young drivers is reporting a large increase in its customer base for the first several weeks of 2011. Over 188,500 new customers have been added to the business since the turn of the new year, which is the best the company has seen in two years. This will likely lead to the most profitable quarter the company has seen in a long time.

While their competition has been significantly raising prices, Geico has held steady over the past year with prices not changing significantly since January 2010. Both All State and State Farm Mutual reported charging customers more at the end of last year than they were at the beginning.

Many believe that this is one of the reasons for the increase in Geico’s customer base. The company also experienced a jump in the underwriting profit, while Allstate’s underwriting profit fell nearly thirty percent. The increase in Geicos profit was up a staggering 70 percent since 2009. This is partially because of the extensive advertising Geico has done in 2010.

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