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California: Health Insurance for Kids with Health Problems

Insurance for Kids

One large part of the health care reform was providing affordable health care to patients with pre-existing conditions. The state California took this part of reform even further when it applies to children with pre-existing conditions. However if parents do not act quickly, the chance will likely pass them by.

California put legislation in place that not only requires insurance companies to cover children with chronic health problems, but also requires insurance companies to charge reasonable rates. Reasonable rates are considered to be no higher than double the amount charged for a healthy child.

Some of the common illnesses seen in children that cause a hike in insurance are diabetes and asthma. Parents only have until the first of March to receive the benefits of this deal for their children. This will mark the end of the open enrollment period and parents would then need to wait until the child’s next birthday.

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Thorough Car Insurance Comparison

Young Driver Insurance

No matter what age your are, most of us make the mistake of thinking insurance is all the same.  However, this could be the furthest thing from the facts.  Most car insurance carriers are very different in what they use to factor a safe driver as well as the discounts they offer.

Only a careful price comparison using a quote tool can assist you in finding the best car insurance coverage online.  This type of tool can help you find the companies that give you deep discounts for being a safe driver as well as for other factors.

If you don’t drive very far then you could save because of that too.  Make sure to look into all the different discounts each provider offers, before you make a decision.

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