Cheap Health Insurance for Young Drivers

cheap health insurance for young driversIf your child is planning an out of state trip, you may want to check if your health insurance will cover them while they are away.  Some health insurance policies do not cover medical expenses incurred while outside the home state.  This could pose a serious problem if your child becomes sick or is injured while on their road trip.

Not everyone is aware that their health insurance might not cover expenses out of state.  Most understand that travel outside of the United States is not covered without world health insurance or travel insurance, but it just doesn’t occur to everyone that even stateside insurance doesn’t always transfer.

Double check your health insurance policy before you let your young driver go across the country.  If you find out that your health insurance does not cover out of state expenses, then pick up some travel insurance for them.  Travel insurance is normally for a short term trip and will cover those expenses not covered by your regular health insurance.