Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers and the Elderly

cheap insurance for young driversThe most expensive age groups to insure when it comes to driving is young drivers and the elderly. Young drivers often have higher rates because of their inexperience driving and the perception that teenagers are irresponsible. There are very few discounts to get into young drivers until they create some sort of driving history.

One of a few ways they can save money on car insurance is by being a part of their parents policy. Many insurance companies will allow the discounts that parents have earned to reflect the cost of their child’s insurance rates.

In addition to that there is a good student discount also offered by a variety of insurance companies. This discount can be given to students in high school or college let received above a certain grade point average or are in the top 25% of their class. While the rates might not drop drastically there will be a decrease and any money saved is positive.