Your Kid is 16 What to do About Insurance?

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While turning 16 and getting a car may be the most exciting part of the teenage years for children is not quite the same for their parents. Insuring a young driver is usually much more costly than insuring an experienced driver.

This is because the factors that contribute to car insurance quotes usually include driving records driving history, none of which teenage driver have. There are a couple of tips and tricks that parents can use in order to lower their young drivers insurance costs. One of the most unknown ways is by utilizing a multicar policy and adding a young driver has a secondary driver.

This is done by placing a parent or older driver as the primary driver on the car and putting the new driver as a secondary driver if there is more than one car on a policy. The most money will be saved at the teenage drivers but as a secondary on the car that costs the least amount of money and is the oldest.